Garrett's 44 Mag Defender Hammerhead Ammo

310-gr SuperHardCast Hammerhead at 1100-fps from 7.5” barrel;
1020-fps from 4” barrel


Energy: 833 ft/lbs from 7.5” barrel; 716 ft/lbs from 4” barrel
Meplat diameter: .320”; Bullet hardness: 25-Brinnell; 32,000-cup

FIRST CHOICE for defensive shooting of all varieties of bear

Our Defender Ammo is the perfect choice for shooters carrying revolvers with barrel lengths of 4” or longer for defense in the deep woods.  It provides the required penetration to reliably bust the skull of any bruin, and penetrate deeply into the body.  We take the view that the only reliable way to quickly anchor an attacking bear is to destroy essential parts of the central nervous system, and strongly recommend the headshot when dealing with a charging bear.

Any load carried for defense against bear attack should be entirely controllable, and allow quick follow-up shots should they be required.  It is commonly believed that only the most powerful loads are appropriate for this application, but we take strong issue with this belief, as the great majority of shooters cannot deliver carefully aimed shots, especially quick follow-up shots, when the recoil is heavy.  Given the surprise that invariably occurs when one experiences a bear charge, one should assume that the first shot could well be a “flyer”, requiring a quick recovery and the delivery of a carefully placed second shot.  This is extremely difficult for the great majority of woodsmen carrying heavy recoiling ammo for self-defense.  For the most seasoned shooters, we are comfortable recommending our 310-gr Hammerhead Ammo, with its higher speed and heavier recoil, but this should be the choice of only those with great experience with heavy recoiling ammunition.  However, if the shooter is carrying a revolver with a barrel length of less than 4-inches, we recommend our more powerful 310-gr Hammerhead Ammo, so as to insure adequate striking velocity to attain the necessary penetration depth to reliably anchor an attacking bear.

Our Defender Ammo is also an excellent choice for those hunting big game out to about 60-yards (assuming revolvers with barrel lengths of 4" or longer).  Nothing is as important as the ability to accurately place the bullet on game, and many of today’s high performance loads produce so much recoil that only the most experienced shooters are capable of the precision shooting that insures a quick anchor.  Although operating with a reduced velocity, when compared to our Hammerhead Ammo or our +P Hammerhead Ammo, our Defender Ammo is fully capable to delivering deeper penetration, out to at least 60-yds, than most high-power, high-velocity rifle cartridges commonly used for the hunting of big game.

Please read Garrett's 44 Magnum Ammo Commentary for more information.

$100 / 50 CTGS

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