Garrett's 44 MAG 250gr DEFFENDER Ammo

250-gr SuperHard/Tough Hammerhead
1000-fps/4" For use in all 44 Magnum Revolvers & Leverguns <Standard Pressure/25-Brinnell Bullets with Gas Checks

For years people have asked for Garrett quality and design in a 44 load that was easier on the hands than our 310HH offerings. The requests have become more common as the S&W mountain gun and its even lighter versions like the 329, have become more commonplace. I have considered this for a while, but one customer in particular (BP) articulated the need so as to push me to do it. These 250/44 loads really do have a place as an everyday load, particularly in the lightweights. A gas checked Garrett HH, 250gr @ 1000fps from a 4" S&W. Amazingly high performance from a relatively mild round.

$100 / 50 CTGS

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