Garrett's 540 BFR ONLY Ammo

540-gr SuperHardCast Hammerhead at 1200-fps from 8” BFR


Energy: 1727 ft/lbs from 8”
Meplat .360”BFR: Taylor Knockout Value: 42; Chamber; Brinnell Hardness: 25;    
Standard Pressure, Gas Checked, Chamber Pressure: 28,000 cup

Recommended for ONLY the Magnum Research BFR revolver in 45-70 chambering. This cartridge is too long for any other known factory chambered production gun. This load was developed to bring unprecedented penetration and stomp to the BFR hunting revolver. At or below standard 28,000psi 45-70 pressures, (less than half the pressure of a full power 65,000psi 454), the super long cylinder of the Magnum Research BFR revolver in 45-70 allows us to drive our 540gr Hammerhead bullet to 1200-fps from a 8” BFR revolver (Magnum Research lists it at 7.5”). The combination of a very long 45-70 chambered cylinder and Magnum Research’s choice of a 1-14 twist rate is what allows for an extra-long cartridge length (yielding even more case capacity and relatively lower pressure), and the ability to properly stabilize the long/high sectional density (SD.368) 540HH bullet for maximum penetration. With the test gun, accuracy was stunning, with several five shot, 50 yard groups falling under 1” center to center. This was under good shooting conditions, but with the issued iron sight. Recoil is heavy, but not harsh like a typical full power 454 with its much higher pressure, blast and fast recoil impulse of say a 300JSP@1700-fps.

At last, a factory cartridge specifically tailored to take advantage of the long, heavy cylinder, fast twist rate and barrel lengths of the BFR revolver. Look for a factory cartridge for any handgun with a .360 meplat and a sectional density (SD) near .368 like our 540 Hammerhead, super hard/tough bullet, and you will know this load puts the 45-70 BFR revolver in a class by itself.

$80 / 20 CTGS

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