About Garrett Cartridges

Garrett Cartridges is a family-run business specializing in custom-quality 44 Magnum and 45-70 ammunition for those in pursuit of, or defending from, large and dangerous game. We have chosen to offer ammo only in these two calibers, quite simply because these are our two favorite calibers. This reflects a 40-year love affair with the 44 Magnum and 45-70, and a compelling interest in producing the best ammo possible regardless of production inefficiencies or costs. We hand-cast all of our Hammerheads from custom Hensley & Gibbs blocks possessing cavities of our own design, using a special high-performance alloy (mixed to our specifications) with exceptional impact integrity. We are the only builders in the industry to take such an approach. As a consequence, our production is limited and the costs of our offerings are considerable. However it is our view that when a hunter is in pursuit of a trophy or determined to defend himself from dangerous game, only the finest ammo should be deployed. Given the substantial costs common to hunting trips, and the obvious value of human life, we believe that any attempt to economize at such critical times is simply ill advised. Consequently we leave it to others to build budget ammo.

Our ammunition is used by experienced hunters to harvest all the major species hunted on the planet. It is also widely used by professional hunters and government agencies, such as NOAA, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the Grizzly Bear Team of the State of Wyoming, for the protection of field personnel.

Our 310-grain 44 Magnum Hammerhead Ammo is the most powerful SAAMI pressure-compliant ammo available and provides penetration comparable to that achieved with the 454 Casull. Our 330-grain Hammerhead Ammo has redefined the caliber, and delivers the deepest penetration available for the 44 Magnum.

Our 45-70 Hammerhead Ammo has been used to take all the heaviest game in North America and Africa, including the African Big Six. Our 420-grain Hammerhead Ammo and 350-grain SuperJack Ammo provides brutal performance on all thin-skinned game up to about 1200-lbs (350-grain SuperJack) and about 1500 pounds (420-grain Hammerhead), out to about 220-yds. Our 540-gr Hammerhead Ammo is the ultimate heavy bear stopper. It is also very useful in heavy cover, delivering full body-length penetration against heavy game, and allowing bad-angle shots. With its super-blunt frontal flat (meplat) it does tremendous damage and anchors heavy game with dispatch.

Introduced in 2004, our 45-70 SuperJack Ammo offers the very finest in bonded-core bullets for those preferring premium jacketed expanding ammo, and our 45-70 Exiter Ammo provides the very best in bone-busting capability, for those in pursuit of elephant, rhino, hippo, and Cape buffalo with its superb Hornady flatnose Copper-Clad Steel Jacketed Solid.

We hope you will spend some time perusing our website as it contains a wealth of explanatory commentary from us as well as many compelling reports from various industry notables and experienced hunters. Our products do exactly what we say they do, and we willingly put our reputation on the line with regards to their performance. Our ammo quite simply defines us, and redefines our two favorite calibers

Randy M. Garrett, President