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Friends, After 26-years of running Garrett Cartridges, Inc., it is time for me to step back and hand the business over to another. GCI is now in the capable hands of Ashley Emerson of Texas. I have known Ashley for two decades now, and am very pleased that he will be at the helm of GCI as it moves into the future. He will continue to offer the same loads that GCI has become known for, so there will be no interruption in selection or quality for those demanding the finest in 44 Magnum and 45-70 ammunition.

It has been the privilege of a lifetime running GCI, and I thank you all for your support and confidence in Garrett ammunition products.

~ Randy M Garrett, September 2012


December 2017


It has now been over 5 years of continued success since Randy Garrett passed the torch that is now Garrett Cartridges of Texas. We have added some new loads that maintain the same integrity and quality that Randy was known for. It is important to us that there is no middle man. We have a direct connection with our customers and therefore easily offer a considerably higher standard of service than otherwise possible. I still hand cast each bullet and load each round and the Warden, (Deanna, wife unit and hardest worker), handles the final inspection, cleaning, boxing, orders, inventory, shipping and all office/computer stuff that I hate.

After much prompting (especially from a good customer in Wyoming) we have recently added three new loads to our 44 line. While we believe our current 44’s in 310gr and 330gr are the best 44 loads available for hunting and critter defense, these new 44/250gr loads will offer options for those who prefer a bit less of the best, plus incrementally less blast and recoil. As it was for Randy it is for me. This is not “just business”, it’s personal, I live and breathe this stuff and if I end up sitting across a campfire from you I will be able to look you in the eye knowing I have built this ammo the best I know how.

Thank you for your orders.


Have gun, will travel.


~ Ashley Emerson

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