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We are past last August's fire. While it seemed like a pain on fire day, it turns out to be nothing like the heartbreak of election day and the realization that we are fast heading into living in a third world country.

Components are continuing to dry up and costs are skyrocketing. We will continue to cast/load what we can, when we can. Effective Immediately; Until the present state of limited loading components corrects itself, we will only accept orders/backorders from previous customers of Garrett Cartridges of Texas. If you need something, place an order.

The Warden will let you know within 24hrs if we can ship and/or possible alternatives, (example, some ammo is loaded with nickel cases or a certain primer, primarily for identification, and I may be able to substitute on your order, if you ask me, to keep you going until things get better).

As always, expect the best customer service. We will do everything we can for our current customers. Do take note, thru all of this, thru Obama and up to now with this election disaster, we have not raised prices on anything we sell since we took over Garrett Cartridges.

The best designs, the hardest/toughest alloy, the best service and I personally hand cast the bullets, hand load the ammo and the Warden cleans, inspects and expertly ships every round.

We appreciate you and your business
-Ashley Emerson

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