Garrett's 45 Colt +P HAMMERHEADS

265-gr SuperHardCast Hammerhead
1000-fps from 7.5"         1.635 O.A.L.

Recommended for All Rugers, 2nd/3rd gen. Colts, Uberti"s mfg. after 2000
45 Colt revolvers also offered in 45ACP, and Marlin rifles in 45 Colt.
<21,000psi; 25-Brinnell Bullets with Gas Checks

This is a great everyday working load and is what I have carried the most in 2016 & 2017. Whether at the ranch, farm, or the café, this load has been my most constant companion. Open carried in a USFA 45 Colt, where the loads careful balance of bullet weight and velocity give a perfect P.O.I./P.O.A. in this fixed sight gun. This is "The" hunting load for a S&W, Colt SAA, or a Uberti SAA clone. It is also right at home in any Ruger SA and the choice of several of my friends that use a Redhawk.

$100 / 50 CTGS

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